Nakina Race 2013

Tough Tough Tough !

Tom Brouwer, the well known Dutchman wins.

He participated in this race with 8 birds. The two yearlings below performed like two champions.

The cock is heavily related to Tom's Nakina hen. 

The 2001 CU TF 471 topped the combine in 2006 at Nakina. 

She had a very calm disposition and I see that reflected in 2012 CU NWIN 121.

She was a very calm determined champion. 

The dark check hen shown 2012 CU TF 102 is a granddaughter of Tom's famous Pickle Lake hen.

She is the hen who flew from Pickle Lake in 2006 and homed early next morning  (8.33 AM).

 She was hours ahead of the competition and the talk of the Canadian Pigeon World at that time.

She is retired and is still active in Tom's loft by feeding any young bird she can get close to.


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