Races C and D
Sept. 22

Hi Guys
Our last race of the season.
It was a tough season for the birds and if you lived at the "long" end Good luck.
Most of the birds flying on the East End don't have a chance at all. If a fancier moves from the East End to the Yonge Street area his results will improve dramatically.
Among our members Pat Kleyn was by far the best with the Young birds. Peter Kuo with the old birds. Peter Birkholz was a fine member and always ready to help out. Tom Brouwer is getting bloody old and just hangs in for the heck of it.
It's been a fun season with a great bunch of guys.
Thanks for the sportsmanship from all of you.

Many thanks to Rose Birkholz and Helen Brouwer without their constant help the North Wings club would not exist.

Winners of the races.


Young Birds

C01 P. Kleyn 1228.422

D01 P.Kleyn 1256.290

C02 P.Kleyn 1086.860

D02 P.Kleyn 1105.496

C03 P.Kleyn  980.585

D03 P.Kuo 1115.820

C04 P.Kleyn 1276.712

D04 P.Kleyn 1273.951

C05 P.Kleyn 958.882

D05 P.Kleyn 1049.397

C06 P.Kleyn 1301.769

D06 P.Kleyn 1362.995

C07 P.Kleyn 1155.278

D07 P.Kuo  1175.781

C08 P.Kleyn 1323.476

D08 P.Kleyn 1274.831

A01 P. Kleyn 1167.865 

B01 P.Kuo 1125.534

A02 P.Kuo 1336.048

B02 P.Kuo 1326.222

A03 P.Kuo 1620.520

B03 P.Kuo 1636.788

A04 P.Kuo 1126.892

B04 P.Kuo 1106.892

A05 P.Kuo 1562.852

B05 P.Kuo 1513.346

A06 P.Kuo 1336.112

B06 P.Kuo 1302.299

A07 P.Kuo 1174.931

B07 P.Kuo 1150.998

A08 K. Qiu 1157.913

A09 Did not participate due to extreme heat.

A10 P.Kuo 1187.164

A11 P. Kuo 1062.038

2017 Races

C01 R. SANTOS 1322.0304

D01 R.SANTOS 1321.4834

C02 P.KUO 1385.9349

D02 R.SANTOS 1383.4503

C03 P.Kleyn 1229.0342

D03 P.Kuo 1231.8132

C04 R.Santos 1318.9737

D04 P.Kleyn 1340.4362

C05 R.Santos 1106.4067

D05 R. Santos 1106.3551

C06 P.Kleyn 1460.9443

D06 P.Kuo 1430.3578

C07 P.Kleyn 1094.1458

D07 P.Kleyn 945.5190

C08 T.Brouwer 1114.8523

A02 North Bay P. Kleyn 1010.6029

B02 North Bay P. Kuo 1027.3941

A03 Latchford P Kuo 1278.5405

B03 Latchford P. Kuo 1307.0854

A04 Englehart P.Kuo 1171.5591

B04 Englehart P.Kuo 1171.4056

A05 Cochrane P.Kuo 1549.3607

B05 Cochrane P.Kuo1497.0718

A06 Latchford P. kuo 1121.3489

B06 Latchford P.Kuo 1107.6984

A08 Kashee P. Kuo   713.3410

B08 Kashee P. Kuo  688 1580 

A09 Hearst P.Kuo1443.8740

B09 Hearst P. Kuo 1288.420

A10 North Bay P.kuo 1616.1971

B10 North Bay P.Kuo 1562.4380

A11 Hearst T.Brouwer 1208.0574

Very appropriate for Tom to win this A 11 race since it was his anniversary today.

B11 Hearst V.Campbell 1171.7394


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