Banding of the first pigeon this year.

 This is a young pigeon named after one of the grandchildren. She likes to know if it is a boy or girl. Here is what Tom's answer is.

Why only one couple in this loft?

Male or Female? That is the question. 

The last tip for the long distance races. 

Fun and tribulations at the loft 

 Tip @ 3 for flying the long distance

First trapping of the young birds 

Tip # 1 for flying the long races.                                              Tip # 2 for flying the long distance races


 November 9th 2010 at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto

 Tom looking after his champions in the winter. 

A video made of the UNC Bond Race from Cochrane -2010- 

Here is what happened to one of our
lucky pigeons.

 Friday night at the clubhouse of  the
North Wings Club

Tom teaching his young birds to trap

Tom's many secrets of flying pigeons 

Tom is getting his birds inside in record time! 


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